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Roll Forming Production Lines:
Roll Forming Production Lines and Applications You Can Review About... You can also get detailed information and offers from us.

About us

MAGAFI Machinery; Since 2014, it has been operating in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we aim to increase your workforce and competitive power through machine revisions and automation systems with advanced technology machinery and equipment (roll forming machines, traffic sign plate mast production, auto guardrail production, production of C section profile roll forming machine, etc.) tailored to customer needs and special to the customer's needs.

Quality management

MAGAFI Machinery ; processing raw materials as material; Quality control processes are carried out at every stage from installation to machine operation and production line inspection and maintenance. We constantly strive to provide the most innovative and advanced solutions and try to do the best for you. Use resources effectively and efficiently; Reducing possible losses is our goal.

R & D activities

MAGAFI Machinery ; while developing its machines and services, not by experience alone; it also gives values ​​to customer ideas. We work in accordance with our sustainability strategy and principles in all our processes. To improve the quality of the machines, to increase the efficiency and to carry one step further, to reduce the costs; We carry out R & D activities for the needs of sectors.

Our values

MAGAFI Machinery ; We act in accordance with our business ethics in our relationships with our business partners within and outside the company. Occupational health and safety is our priority in all our production activities. We keep our customers at the center of all our processes, observe their rights, add value to them. Transparent, open and trust based communication. We attach importance to entrepreneurship and support new ideas and openness to change.

Roll Forming

Being the most professional supplier that provide the roll forming machines

Omega Sheet Metal Roll Forming Line Machine
Sigma Sheet Metal Roll Forming Line Machine
Full Auto Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine
Full Auto Highway Railing B Profile Roll Forming Line Machine
Special Production Roll Forming Line Machine
Elevator Cabinet Supporting Sheet Roll Forming Machine
C Profile Sheet Roll Forming Line Machine
Scaffolding Board Steel Sheet Roll Forming Line Machine
Full Auto Highway Railing A Profile Roll Forming Line Machine
Sheet Metal Tensioner Roll Forming Line Machine
780 Sheet Support Wedge Roll Forming Line Machine
480 Sheet Support Wedge Roll Forming Line Machine

MAGAFI Machinery "roll forming machine specialist"

Machine Production

MAGAFI Machinery starting from the design and feasibility stage, with the most modern drawing programs in digital environment; project preparation, assembly details, rollform line with applicability controls, sigma, omega, C Profile, Auto guardrail, Tension belt, Kep chock etc. With the range of machinery we offer you.


Mass Manufacturing

As MAGAFI Machinery our aim is to solve the needs of our customers with the most economical solution that will always keep the operating costs to a minimum. Solar-Solar Energy Carrier Systems Manufacturing, Omega Pole Manufacturing is at your service with the most affordable prices.

Magafi Machinery

Machine Revisions

MAGAFI Machinery , with its technical service team, maintenance and repair work of the production line; revise the settings of all relevant machine equipments with their original values. With its settings and tests, its precision is controlled and allows you to safely use the production line again in your mass production.

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